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Media Submission Forms

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First Some Rules and Guidelines…..


The dUnCAN conDU-IT! is intended to provide tutoring, support, and additional practice to students.

Use this form to submit the media and all information that will help us organize the website.

Due to size limits on email, we ask that you load the video to your Google Drive and share it with If there are questions, please use the form to let us know.


All media submissions must be in compliance with the following:

  1. All media must relate to a grade objective as specified by the Oklahoma State Dept. of Education.
  2. All media must be school appropriate and follow the guidelines of the Duncan Public Schools Handbook.
  3. All media must assure safety for the participants and the viewers.
  4. All media must avoid persuasion with respect towards political campaigns, social advocacy, or religious beliefs.
  5. All media submitted by businesses or colleges must be descriptive of the business or possible career fields.
  6. No advertising will be accepted.

All media will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Any media deemed out of compliance with these (or future) guidelines will be rejected.