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Channa Byerly – Chief Financial Officier

Phone: 580-255-0686

Fax: 580-252-2453



Our finance team is broken down into several components encapsulating a very complex system of Federal and State requirements. These sub-divisions include General Fund, Activity Funds, Treasury, Accounts Receivable and Payroll.

Our task is operating daily to meet the needs of the districts staff while continually maintaining the reporting mechanisms necessary to comply with all state auditing requirements.  The following information should prove helpful in understanding district budgets, state guidelines on how allocations are governed, and how we are bound to distribute them.  As always if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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CFO – Channa Byerly

Activity Fund Custodian – Lori McCann

 Encumbrance –  Jamie Tisdale

Payroll – Julie Mullins


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