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District Policy Manuals & Contracts

Our policies and procedures govern all aspects of a school. Our District Policy manual is approved yearly by the Board of Education but may be amended as needed throughout the year. This section of our site will track these changes as they occur and will, therefore, be more current than the printed version available at our Administration Office. The manual can be searched using the Find feature within Adobe Acrobat


2016-2017 Board Policies and Procedures Manual

Duncan Public Schools Administrative Offices

Click here for revisions to the Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying section of the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Click here to view the Harassment/Bullying incident report form.


In addition to District policy our sites maintain more specific handbooks provided they align with The Board Manual. We currently print a yearly Elementary handbook and the High School prints one as well. You can read them below.


Elementary Handbook

Duncan High School Handbook


As part of our negotiated agreements with the certified and support unions representing our employees we publish the yearly contracts ratified by all parties involved. You may read or print these contracts and forms below.


2017-2018 Certified Negotiated Agreement

2017-2018 Certified Pay Scale

2016-2017 DESA Support Negotiated Agreement 

2016-2017 Support Pay Scale 

2017-2018 Payroll Cutoffs and Paydates

Support Grievance Form

Support Change of Assignment

Support Evaluation