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Proficiency Based Promotion

Upon request, Duncan K-12 students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in one or more areas of the core curriculum (Social Studies, Language Arts, The Arts, Languages, Mathematics, or Science). Proficiency for advancing to the next level of study will be demonstrated by a score of 90% or comparable performance on an assessment or demonstration.

Students demonstrating proficiency (90%) in a core curriculum area will be given credit for their learning and will be given the opportunity to advance to the next level of study in the appropriate curriculum area. Proficiency assessment will measure mastery of the priority academic student skills (PASS). In other words, assessment will be aligned with curriculum and instruction in each grade level.

The opportunity for proficiency assessment will be provided in August and April. Please contact your school principal if you would like to request a Proficiency Based Promotion assessment for your child. School counselors will administer testing.  Please call if we can be of further assistance.