Dietary Needs

  • If your child has allergies to specific foods or has special dietary needs you may provide a letter from your child's physician describing how the Duncan Public School Child Nutrition Office can help meet their needs.  We will make every effort possible to meet each student's special needs.

    Menus are available for review by parents on this website and through each school.

    To better serve your child with his/her Special Medical or Dietary Need the Duncan Public Schools Child Nutrition Department and the Cafeteria will need a monthly menu signed and dated received from you with the items circled that your child is allowed to eat. Menus can be printed from the Duncan Public School website or you may get a copy from your child's school office.

    Communication is the key to keep your child safe and healthy during their meal times. This menu enables the cafeteria staff to know exactly what you have chosen to be safe for your child to eat.


    Note: A Doctors written prescription of the Special Medical or Dietary Need must be updated each year with the Child Nutrition office.

    If you have any questions you may contact Becky Barnes; Director of Child Nutrition at 252-2492.