Home of the Emerson Bearcats

Young School boys sitting at desk.
  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Emerson Elementary is every child everyday achieves at their highest potential, mastering grade level state standards.  We assess student learning on an ongoing and consistent basis.  We also recognize the uniquesness of each individual child and provide a quality education specific to their needs. 

    Every student is a good responsible citizen.  This is accomlished in an environment of trust and respect that fosters positive attitudes toward self, others, work, and responsible citizenship. 

    Emerson staff, students, parents, and communities commit to providing a comprehensive system of support to ensure success.


    School Vision

    • Have mutual respect among parents, students, and staff.
    • Open Communication.
    • Provide a safe and well maintained environment.
    • Have high expectations and shared responsibility to empower students to accept responsibility for their learning. 
    • Clearly establish goals as a bridge to their career path.
  • 1200 West Hickory Duncan, OK 73533
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