College Visits

    • The best way to decide where you want to go to college is to visit college campuses!
    • Students are responsible for setting up the college visit. See a counselor for contact information of the college recruiter, or visit the college admissions website.
    • Seniors have two days available to visit colleges.
    • Students must provide the attendance clerk with a proof of the visit. Ask the college recruitment office at the college for a letter after your visit.
    • Many colleges have events on Saturdays.
    • Some college recruiters will travel to Duncan HS to visit with seniors. We will post those dates on this page.

  • Discover Oklahoma Colleges & Universities by regions within the state by clicking the title above.

    Navigate to the web page of the colleges which interest you. Find their event page to discover what dates are available for campus tours. Many campuses host preview events for seniors.
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Compare Your Aid Awards

  • When it comes to paying for college, there is more than just the cost of tuition. You will need money for fees, housing, food, books, transportation, and fun with friends.

    The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators web site has a wealth of information regarding financial aid for college. Their goal is to help students and families answer questions regarding how to pay for college.

    The tool at the following link will help you calculate the costs and the financial aid you have been offered from colleges.
    College Board Big Future Compare Your Aid Awards

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GearUp Bridge Program

  • What: Gear Up College Orientation Program
    (Students who attend GearUp High Schools may be reimbursed for college orientation camp fees)

    When: Registration opens in March and closes in September.

    How: You must Register here!

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Admissions Glossary

  • We want to help you feel comfortable with the language related to college admissions. When in doubt about a term, check out the admission glossary on adMISSION POSSIBLE!

College Readiness by Google

  • The college application process has a lot of steps. These lessons help students tackle them one at a time and build confidence, knowledge, and application assets as they go.

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