Want to Play College Sports?

  • If you have dreams of playing college sports, please notify your athletic director, your coaches, and your high school counselor.

    Creating an account on the NCAA eligibility center web site or the NAIA eligibility center web site is the first step. If you will compete in Division I or II, create a certification account and pay the $90 fee. If you are unsure what division you will compete in, you may create a profile account for free.

    Both NCAA and NAIA require a national ACT test. You must request your scores to be sent through your ACT account. The code for NCAA is 9999. The code for NAIA is 9876. To report your ACT scores that you took as a junior, you will need to create an ACT account using your ACT ID which is listed on the top of your score report. Ask your counselor if you did not keep a copy of your report. 

    Visit with your high school counselor to make certain you will take the required NCAA core courses. Find out more here!

    Download the NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements Brochure here.

    Download the Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete here.